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These procedures normally
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What Are Spider Veins?

Arteries carry blood from your heart out to your extremities (hands, feet, head, skin), delivering oxygen deep into the tissue. Veins then return the de-oxygenated’ blood (now bluish in color) back to your heart to be re-circulated. Nearly 75% of the body’s blood is found in your lower limbs (legs).

In most cases, abnormal veins are caused by a weakness in the vein wall that allows the vein to stretch out and enlarge. Frequently, this tendency is inherited and cannot be prevented. Other risk factors include prolonged sitting or standing, weight gain, leg trauma, and pregnancy, all of which contribute to the deterioration of these abnormal veins in susceptible individuals.

Although the treatments of existing spider veins are very successful, patients who are predisposed to spider veins may require additional treatments to treat the new veins. A yearly follow-up is recommended.

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