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Are You a Candidate for Varicose Vein Treatment?

Varicose veins affect millions of people around the world. Typically, they are caused by weakened vein walls, which ultimately cause the veins to augment and stretch. For those who have or are on the verge of inheriting varicose veins should anticipate that the experience is different for everyone. If you are someone who is experiencing veins that are bulging, painful or are aesthetically bothersome, you may be a candidate for varicose vein treatment. Without the proper treatment, varicose veins can lead to leg trauma, weight gain, pregnancy risks and/or prolonged sitting and standing that can affect your everyday routine. Here are four common questions to ask yourself to see if you are a candidate for varicose veins treatment:

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in the legs, feet, ankles or hands?

Pain: swelling or burning

Heaviness or tiredness

Burning or tingling sensations



Skin Ulcers

Restless Leg Syndrome

Are your veins displaying or experiencing the following characteristics?

Skin discoloration

Skin texture changes

Enlarged or bulged veins

Swollen veins/warm to the touch

Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with varicose veins?

Genetics may play a vital role for the likelihood of developing varicose veins as it can be a hereditary trait. The chances of inheriting varicose veins will increase if a close family member has them as well.

Have you sought out other treatments that were unsuccessful?

Treatments such as:

Weight loss

Avoiding extended periods of sitting/standing

Compression stockings

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you may be a possible candidate for varicose vein treatment. Please contact our office at (206) 525-8346 to schedule an appointment or to receive more information about varicose vein treatment.

About Via Vascular

Do you think you have varicose veins? Trust the experts at Via Vascular. Our doctors offer minimally invasive varicose vein treatment in Seattle, including EVLT and microphlebectomy. Schedule an appointment today to find out if you are a candidate for treatment by calling Via Vascular at (206) 525-8346 or by filling out our online contact form.



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