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Vein Resolutions: The Start of a Healthy Lifestyle

The beginning of a new year prompts us all to make resolutions for personal development.
We believe focusing on your overall health is a great way to prevent varicose veins and spider veins. Often times, resolutions are too ambitious without a plan. However, making realistic and simple resolutions with a concrete plan is the key to consistency, while achieving your health goals. Explore our simple New Year vein resolutions to ensure sure your veins are healthy for years to come.

At Via Vascular, we want to make sure all of our current and prospective clients lead a healthy and vein disease free lifestyle. Keep your vein resolutions concise and simple. To get you started, here is an example:


  1. Get Healthier Veins
  2. Get Fit
  3. Lastly: Enjoy Your Life!

To achieve these vein resolutions, we have some simple ideas and solutions to keep you on the right track!

BMI > 35

A healthier lifestyle equals healthier veins! Paying attention to your BMI (Body Mass Index) is an excellent way to monitor your health. Also, maintaining a BMI of 35 or less is the target goal. Add that with elevating the legs for at least 20 mins daily. Calf-pump muscle exercises to help improve muscle strength, ankle flexibility, and overall health. These exercises are also designed to strengthen the muscles in the legs. They will ultimately help veins pump blood flow back to the heart.

Compression Socks

Problems develop in veins when the walls are stretched and blood begins to pool in the legs. Whether from genetics, pregnancy or work that requires an excessive amount of sitting or standing, your veins may be at risk. Wearing compression socks is one easy solution to improve vein health. Compression socks give veins support and allow for blood to return to the heart more easily. You can find compression socks at local pharmacies, sports equipment stores, online, in various styles and color options. Plus, some have found that wearing compression socks/stockings have vastly improved their symptoms and did not need further treatment. If problems do persist, contact Via Vascular for vein treatments that will best assist your needs.

Be Proactive

Symptoms of venous disease should not be overlooked. If checked by a professional early on, the root of the vein problem can be discovered.  If ignored, these symptoms can later develop into spider or varicose veins that will require proper treatment. Even if you remain healthy and utilize compression socks, the symptoms may only be alleviated, but not cured. Here at Via Vascular, we are specialized in treating both spider and varicose veins. Catching the signs early on can save you from serious complications in the future.

About Via Vascular

Via Vascular is a leader in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. We provide excellent solutions through treatments like endovenous laser treatment and microphlebectomy. Our procedures are minimally invasive with no required hospital time. For more information or to set up an appointment, please call us at (206) 525-8346 or contact us online here.

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