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Knowing For Sure: Varicose Veins Diagnosis

Your family members might have complained of unsightly and painful varicose veins, and maybe you’ve recently noticed some strange-looking veins on the backs of your knees or around your thighs. Now you’re worried these larger veins might be the varicose veins you’ve heard so much about. Learn more about varicose veins diagnosis and how to tell if you might need treatment for this common vascular condition.

Diagnosis Through Symptoms

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH) lists a few ways that a varicose vein diagnosis can be confirmed through medical procedures. A common way varicose veins are identified, however, is simply during a doctor’s appointment. Practitioners can typically diagnose varicose veins by their common symptoms and appearance. Doctors look for features such as large, bulging veins and resulting pain, burning, or swelling.

Additional Ways to Identify Varicose Veins

The NIH adds that vascular specialists or dermatologists may also help determine whether a patient has varicose veins versus another medical condition. Duplex ultrasounds and angiograms can also help providers give an accurate diagnosis in these cases. Duplex ultrasounds assess whether blood flow is healthy and if any obstructions are present, and angiograms use dye injections to reveal veins on x-ray.

Diagnosis Before Treatment

To ensure you receive the proper treatment for any vascular condition, it’s important to first obtain a diagnosis from a physician. If you have questions about your diagnosis, ask your doctor if an angiogram or duplex ultrasound might be helpful in assessing your vein health.

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