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Prevent Poor Circulation

Circulation of oxygen, blood, and nutrients throughout the body is crucial to a healthy life. Many people do not have issues with proper movement of these essentials in the veins, but in some cases, and for people who are diagnosed with certain conditions, circulation issues are more likely to develop and cause further discomfort. Poor circulation to the extremities is often addressed long after initial symptoms appear. It is not satisfactory to live a life of pain and discomfort from a mostly preventable disorder. Here are some of the main causes of poor circulation and things that you can do to prevent poor circulation:

Causes of Poor Circulation

Peripheral Artery Disease

Caused by a build-up of fatty plaque, the arteries in the legs harden and narrow. This disease can cause damage to the nerves and tissues due to the decrease in blood flow.

Varicose Vein

Varicose Veins are damaged veins, and therefore cannot move blood successfully throughout the body.

Blood Clots

This condition is very serious, and can be life threatening if not treated. Blood clots develop for a few different reasons, but becoming knowledgeable on the actions you can take to avoid creation of a clot is an essential step.


This disease impacts blood sugar and can cause poor circulation to the extremities. Special attention must be had to detect signs early on, as reduced nerve sensation is also a symptom of diabetes, and therefore might be less noticeable to a person.


Standing or sitting for long periods of time while maintaining a higher weight causes decreased circulation.

Symptoms Associated with Poor Circulation

Numbness, tingling, pain, and muscle cramps in the extremities can all be early warning signs that circulation is becoming poor. Some of these symptoms may be misleading, so it is important to talk with a doctor or specialist at Via Vascular to prevent further health concerns from developing.

Prevent Poor Circulation

Some simple things that you can do to prevent poor circulation include; cutting out bad habits such as smoking cigarettes, keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in a healthy range, exercising regularly, and avoiding long periods of immobility.

Talk to a Doctor

It is important that you discuss even the most minor concerns with your doctor in order to prevent a larger problem if treated early. The conversations that happen before the problems arise can save your life.

About Via Vascular

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