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Varicose Vein Complications


No, the complications of those protruding, spindly veins don’t stop at looking unpleasant. Many people don’t know this, but varicose veins can be an indication of more troubling problems. Veins shouldn’t be protruding in large coils—that’s a sign of weakness in the vein wall. When varicose veins occur, take care of them.

According to HSE, varicose veins affect as many as 3 in every 10 adults. In our opinion, that’s too many people. With so many cases of varicose veins, it’s important to stay educated on exactly how they affect the body. Here, we’re going to lay out some of the complications that arise all too often from varicose veins.

Itchy Skin

It may seem insignificant, but studies show that frequent itchiness around areas with varicose veins is a reliable predictor for more serious problems. Keeping your skin moisturized and applying topical anti-itch cream can help, but the only effective way to rid the itchy skin, and prevent more serious problems from occurring, is to treat the veins themselves.


No matter the size of the varicose veins, most people experience pain of some sort. Every case is different—some people experience sharp, shooting pain, while other may experience a mild throbbing. This is a result of the blood in the swollen veins rushing to the bottom of the leg.

Another kind of pain people often feel as a result of varicose veins is cramping, typically at nighttime. It may be that the muscles in the leg have to work harder to keep blood circulating, and that increased tension results in cramping.


We’re not talking about peptic ulcers, also known as stomach ulcers. We’re talking about ulcers on your skin. Though rare, they are extremely painful. Mayo Clinic says that increased blood pressure within the affected veins causes long-term fluid buildup in the surrounding areas. Over time, the spot of discolor shows up, and ulcers begin. The moment you suspect you may have an ulcer, see your doctor as soon as you can.

Blood Clots

Sometimes, veins that cannot be seen on the surface of your skin, deep in the leg, can enlarge. This condition is considerably more problematic as it can cause the leg to swell. Sudden swelling is a good indication of blood clot, also known as thrombophlebitis. Like ulcers, it needs immediate medical attention, since 20% of the patients with thrombophlebitis develop a more serious condition known as deep vein thrombosis.

The best way to prevent any of these complications is to take immediate action the moment symptoms occur.

Why Choose Via Vascular

Via Vascular has provided comprehensive treatment for varicose veins since 2005. Our physicians are highly experienced in minimally invasive techniques utilizing endovenous laser treatment, microphlebectomy, and sclerotherapy. Our board certified and subspecialty trained physicians are expert in the use of ultrasound guidance for vein treatment. Our many years of experience have allowed our healthcare providers to fine-tune our procedures to ensure high-quality outcomes and optimize patient satisfaction. We offer these services in a comfortable and convenient setting at our Northgate clinic.

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