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Varicose Veins Relief Tips for the Summer

Summer may be a difficult season for those who have varicose veins. Increased self-consciousness can occur as it is the season of bathing suits, leg-revealing shorts and other symptoms that correspond with hot weather. Here at Via Vascular, we are able to treat varicose veins with customized, minimally invasive treatments so that your veins are no longer an issue and you can enjoy the summertime. Explore this blog to check out these quick six tips for varicose vein relief during the summer.

Hydration is Important

The first tip to follow is to always stay hydrated. Drinking enough water every day will actually help boost circulation and also keep your body cool.

Remain Cool

Staying cool is important for varicose vein relief. While UV rays effect the top layers of skin, this causes loss in moisture and elasticity (movement) as well. As a result, this will exasperate weaker veins. Also, excessive heat can cause veins to worsen by dilating the veins, causing them to bulge out. Try wearing flowy, loose clothing or airy cotton material to keep your body cool and to avoid additional pain.

Stay Active

Whether you have varicose veins or not, staying active is integral to one’s health. Low-impact exercises (such as swimming and walking) can help strengthen your calf muscles and also improve circulation in the legs. If you work at a desk job or relax at home often, the best way to lessen the pressure on the veins is to cross your legs, rotate your ankles regularly and also flex and point the feet 10-15 times.  Doing this periodically throughout the day can relieve pressure in the legs while also improving circulation.

Keep Your Legs Elevated

When resting or sitting down, try elevating the feet up on a stool or box. Another option when relaxing is resting on recliner chairs or couches with the feet propped up higher. Need extra comfort? Try adding additional pillows or any soft cushion under the feet when lying down.

Support Socks

A great way to relieve varicose vein pain is to wear compression stockings or socks. Readily available at medical stores, these support socks now come in a wide assortment of colors and skin tones! Try wearing these socks with longer dresses and loose pants that correlate with summer styles.


Self-Tanners are a great option for those with varicose veins. The color from the veins that appear blue to purple can be less noticeable by applying self-tanners to make the legs generally appear darker and tan.

About Via Vascular

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