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Varicose Veins and Workouts

The American College of Cardiology recommends exercise as a treatment for varicose veins, but there is discussion on which types of exercise are best for those who suffer from varicose veins (read Via Vascular’s article on running here).

Should You Do Heavy Lifting?

Strength training can affect vein health, depending on the exercise and difficulty. The American College of Phlebology Foundation’s site,, cautions that heavy use of the abdominal muscles makes it harder for blood to flow to the heart, referred to as venous insufficiency. Movements like crunches, lunges, and some yoga poses that put stress on the abdomen can make it more difficult for blood to blow back to the heart.

Work the Legs

Optimize your circulation for better vein health. Phlebology experts at recommend doing workouts like walking that engage the legs and calves to aid blood flow.

Movement is Vital

Most vascular experts agree that standing for long periods of time can be a factor in suffering from varicose veins, but sitting for long periods can also deter blood flow. You should be moving your body frequently at work and home, allowing for proper circulation. Talk with your doctor about the ways you typically spend your day to see if you need to increase movements to stay healthy.

Remaining stationary on a regular basis can cause veins to stretch out in some individuals, the Society of Vascular Surgery adds. How much sitting or standing is too much? Your doctor can help you determine the amount of movement to maintain and benefit your vascular and overall health.

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